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Dr. Licking

For more than 30 years Dr. Licking has taken more than the bare minimum of continuing education courses. Advanced post doctorate education keeps him current with all the new technology and techniques in dentistry so that he is able to offer the best that dentistry has to offer to his patients.

As a result of keeping abreast of new technology and changes in dentistry, Dr Licking has incorporated many new procedures into his office practice.

The Laser Cavity Finder, compared with visual examination or x-rays is more accurate in detecting some cavities. It cannot detect cavities everywhere but in the areas where it can be used it is terrific. And, it is painless.

Regarding x-rays Dr. Licking has for several years been using FDA approved digital x-rays to reduce exposure of our patients to x-rays by 90% plus give us more diagnostic information than the traditional film based x-rays. X-rays help them in detecting cavities in areas they can’t see and where the Laser Cavity Finder can’t see, as well as diagnosing problems under the gums that can’t be detected visually.

When decay is found, Dr. Licking can use a new air abrasion unit that can, without anesthesia, painlessly remove decay. This is very useful for smaller areas of decay that we have direct access to. This also helps them to keep the fillings as small as possible so that they are able to conserve as much of your natural tooth as possible.

In wanting to keep your natural teeth, we also need to pay attention to their foundation, the bone and gums around your teeth. Much more is now known about gum disease than in the past. Gum disease is actually present in a majority of the population. There are two reasons why gum disease is such a problem. First, it generally is painless so it often progresses to a severe problem before you even realize that you have it. This explains why it is the major cause of tooth loss today. Also because gum disease in an infection it carries with it an increased risk of heart disease, diabetes, stroke, ulcers, and, when pregnant, premature low birth weight babies. Dr. Licking now routinely diagnoses and treats this disease helping not just the oral health but also treating the whole person. In addition to the traditional cleaning of teeth, and deep cleanings, which are still considered the “gold standard” in treating gum problems we also use various rinses and antibacterial agents to help control the bacteria causing gum disease.

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